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In recent years, Hong Kong and Macau have developed a large group of whisky lovers. As fortunate as we are in Hong Kong, mainstream whiskies are becoming widely available. As the demand of whiskies grows, the expertise in the whisky industry grows as well. Besides the bottles directly from the distilleries, more and more independent bottlers are showing their own expressions by selecting the casks and the finishes of whiskies. The size and depth of the whisky world is growing exponentially, which is great news for whisky lovers! 

Since September 2016, Whiskies & More has been distributing high quality spirits in Hong Kong and Macau. The company was founded by a whisky passionate who is intrigued in the evolution of the spirits world. Especially the ever-transforming whisky world. We strive to seek and introduce the top-notch independently owned whiskies and other spirits for your taste buds!

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