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Hello! At Whiskies & More, we believe in drinking better not necessarily more! We offer high-quality spirits for a reasonable price. Specially curated for the curious drinkers.

Quality First.

Whiskies & More proudly represents independently owned companies that are passionate about their products. From independent bottlers with a long history in the whisky industry such as A.D. Rattray to recent rising stars in Japan: Shizuoka Distillery. We are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality, handcrafted spirits to our clientele.


We regularly organize a variety of events, including cocktail events with renowned international guest bartenders, as well as intimate and educational whisky tastings. Additionally, we invite brand owners to Hong Kong to showcase their latest releases and share their expertise and experiences with our audience at Whiskies & More.

What We Offer

Since September 2016, Whiskies & More has been distributing high-quality spirits in Hong Kong and Macau.

The company was founded by a whisky enthusiast, who was intrigued by the evolution of the spirits world, in particular, by the ever-transforming whisky world.

We strive to seek and introduce the top-notch independently owned whiskies and other spirits for your taste buds!


Japanese Whiskies



Looking for bespoke gifts for an anniversary,a corporate event or just to fulfill your dream of owning your own cask? Whiskies & More gives you the chance to purchase a full cask of the finest Cognac, Rum or Whisky for any special occasion.


Whiskies & More offers innovative and creative ideas for whisky-related projects for hotels, bar and restaurants. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge, we can provide you with tailor-made solutions for any initiative you may have in mind.​


Small, intimate and private tastings
or large scale corporate events,
Timeless & Tasty offers event management services for all your needs.
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