A Drop of the Irish – 8 Years – Blackadder

The tradition in Ireland, when ordering a whiskey, was to ask for “A Drop of the Irish”. Sadly traditions mean less today but to Blackadder they are still important. That is why we refuse to chill or otherwise heavily filter the cask spirit. Nor do they believe in changing its natural colour and taste by adding caramel to the cask spirit. We have not disturbed the naturally occurring oils and fats in this whiskey, a sign of this being that it will go hazy or cloudy when a little water is added to taste.

So raise your glass with a fine example of Irish Single Malt Whiskey and celebrate the irrepressible spirit of Ireland with A Drop of the Irish!

  • Country: Ireland
  • Bottled: October 2016
  • No. of Bottles: 366
  • Alcohol: 58%
  • Cask Type: DI 2015-6
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Tasting notes:

Pears and green apple. A light hay note accompanies the oak. After a while in the glass the lighter compounds lift and there is a sweet still slightly fruity note with the warmth of the oak nicely balanced. On the palate, definitely the fruit straight away and very nice on the exhale. Very soft tannins yet quite a spicy dram. The oak is there on the finish and still lingering of the fruit.