Wagging Finger Distillery


Wagging Finger is a traditionally progressive Dutch distillery: straightforward and no-nonsense, with a typical Dutch twist. Wagging Finger offers honest and high quality products, together with surprising experiments with a healthy dose of civil disobedience! The core product range includes the Wagging Finger Gin, Kintra Single Cask Collection whiskies and Dutch Genever.


Kintra Whisky is a Dutch Independent Bottler run by Erik Molenaar. As a longtime whisky lover, Erik frequently travels to Scotland, in particular to Islay, to visit distilleries. He started out by organizing whisky tastings on a small scale for his friends as a hobby and in 2010 he bottled the first whisky under his own label Kintra Single Cask Collection. Kintra Whisky bottles around 8-10 casks a year and all whiskies are individually chosen by Erik himself.